How to convert SoundCloud track to MP3?

  1. Copy the SoundCloud track URL into the search box.
  2. Click the search button. Once you click the search button the conversion will start.
  3. As soon as the conversion is finished you can download the MP3 by clicking on the download button.

Where do songs get saved after download?

Songs usually get saved in the downloads folder once it is downloaded. If you are using chrome then press "Ctrl+J" shortcut to open the downloads dialog box and check the recent downloads. If you are using Firefox then press "Ctrl+J" to open the downloads folder.

What is the quality of downloaded MP3 songs?

All songs are downloaded with the Highest Available Quality(up to 320kbps).

Is it possible to download SoundCloud playlist?

Yes for sure. Just paste the playlist URL in the search box. You will be able to download any track of the playlist.

How to download SoundCloud tracks on Apple Device?

If you are using iOS 13+, you can download MP3 directly using Safari. Otherwise you have to install a browser app like "Documents by Readdle" from the Apple Store. With the browser of such an app you can download files to your device. An alternative solution is to save a file to the cloud and stream it from there.

Is it legal to download SoundCloud songs?

We honor the owner's rights and dissuade users from utilizing the audio for any content that violates copyright protection terms and conditions. We do not host and do not allow you to download any copyrighted material. You can download only those tracks which are allowed by SoundCloud after track owner has given download permission.

What to do if I am getting an error message?

This can be due to mutiple reasons. First please ensure that the video is still available online and then you can retry it. If you still get an error, please send the track URL and the error message to us.